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Call for expression of interest

Internal and Stakeholder Assessment for the Serbian Association of Employers (SAE)

Serbian Association of Employers, has been established as non-governmental and non-profit organization in 1994. Originally, it was registered as a citizens’ association and in 2005 as an employers’ organization.
Its mission statement says “As a voluntary organization, SAE above all strives to:
• Represent and promote common interests of employers related to their economic, social and other needs before government and trade unions;
• Provide relevant information and services to its members and strengthen and coordinate their mutual links;
• Inform the public for the purpose of better understanding positions of employers
The basic core membership – in addition to the founders – were associations of private entrepreneurs in the major cities and regional centers throughout Serbia.
Serbian Association of Employers today gathers more than 133 000 members. This number consists of individual companies and collective members – Association founded on a geographic basis or as professional associations.

The ILO and SAE have been partner organizations since SAEs establishment and have worked successfully on a variety of projects throughout that time.

The aim of this engagement is to conduct a detailed internal assessment and stakeholder analysis of SAE that would be used as a background document for organisation’s strategic planning purposes.

The assessment will be based on the ILO methodology and will include several focus group meetings and face to face interviews with key stakeholders. This research will assist in developing a complete picture of the organization and how it is viewed by its stakeholders. Suggested interview questions together with the template for the final report will be provided by the ILO. The report is expected to be up to 35 pages long.

The activity is expected to start in February 2016.

Application of consulting companies
Consulting companies with relevant expertise and proven track record in the area of research, organisational analysis and concise report writing, interested to collaborate with the ILO, are kindly requested to submit their expression of interest by 14 February 2016 to the e-mail address,

Consulting companies should submit the following:

  • Company portfolio including major achievements
  • Bidder’s prior experience in the relevant field
  • List of references

Shortlisted companies will receive the terms of reference with detailed requirements and descriptions of tasks and will be invited to provide a quote.
Selection of the consulting company will be done in line with the ILO’s internal procurement procedures.