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Selected news

Increase in the minimum labor price is possible with a reduction in payroll taxes

he negotiations between the SAE, representative unions and the Government of Serbia on the minimum labor price for 2023 should begin in the first days of August, and SAE traditionally inquires about the positions of companies on this topic before the negotiations start.

Meetings of the General Assembly and the Board of AICESIS

We would like to point out that the timely proposal that the Republic of Serbia to be the host was accepted, but was abandoned due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the Social and Economic Council of the RS and the Serbian Association of Employers once again received confirmation of appreciation from international partners.

Mr. Miloš Nenezić was presented with the Vidovdan Award, the highest accolade given by the City of Krusevac

As a prominent businessman and holder of responsible positions in Kruševac, Mr. Nenezić was awarded for exceptional results achieved in economy, sports and contribution to the development of the city.

President of Serbian Association of Employers at the Summit in Berlin

At the invitation of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the President of Serbian Association of Employers, Mr. Miloš Nenezić, was in Berlin on June 19-21, 2022, where he attended events organized by this partner employer organization.

110th International Labor Conference in Geneva

During the participation in the Conference, separate meetings were held with representatives of employers' organizations from other countries in order to renew and strengthen direct communication and cooperation, in particular with the delegations of Denmark, Belgium, Germany and countries in the region.

Mr Miloš Nenezić at the COPRES meeting in Prague

During the two-day talks, COPRES members discussed current opportunities and their effect on the company's operations.

General Council of the International Organization of Employers (IOE)

A delegation of the Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) was led by the Secretary General of the SAE, Mr Boško Savković, who also participated in the General Council.

Memorandum of Cooperation between the Serbian Association of Employers and the Rotary district 2483

“The Rotary community has a fundamental role in helping society, and such action is impossible if capital is not created somewhere. This is exactly what is happening through companies and business organizations ", said the Secretary General of the Serbian Association of Employers Boško Savković, explaining the reasons for finding and starting cooperation between two organizations such as SAE and Rotary International.

An initiative to overcome the problems related to e-fiscalization

Considering the absolute importance of e-fiscalization, we kindly ask to find a way to delay the application of the Law and not sanction economic entities that for technical and other objective reasons are not currently in a position to start a new system of fiscalization and enable them to operate through existing device.