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Selected news

Mr Miloš Nenezić the most successful businessman in the Republic of Serbia

LAWLife for Law and Economy Portal awarded Mr Miloš Nenezić the award for the most successful businessman in the Republic of Serbia.

Serbian Association of Employers celebrates 28 years of work

On October 4th, Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) celebrates its 28th birthday.

Civil Society High-Level Conference on Youth Policy in the Western Balkans

A youth policy in the Western Balkans, as part of the Innovation Agenda for the Western Balkans, will contribute to promoting scientific excellence, reforming educational systems in the region, creating additional opportunities for young people and also helping to prevent brain drain. With increased investments in research, education, culture, youth and sports, the Agenda and the actions proposed in it represent an essential element for the future economic and social development of the region and Europe.

Positions of Serbian Association of Employers were taken into consideration

the increase in the minimum wage will be accompanied by the relief of the economy through the increase of the non-taxable part from 19,300 to 21,712 dinars, as well as the reduction of payroll contribution for the Pension and Disability Insurance at the expense of the employer by 1%.

Transfera opened the largest logistics center in the region

The new logistics center is equipped with the most sophisticated technology for managing warehouse operations, and the use of renewable energy sources has been set as one of the priorities. Transfera currently has more than 800 customs operations on a daily basis, and within the logistics center over 300 customs operations are carried out daily.

Annual meeting of IOE members from Europe and Central Asia

The International Organization of Employers (IOE) was founded in 1920 and is the only organization that represents the interests of employers in the field of labor and social issues at the international level. Today, its membership includes 150 national employers' associations. The Serbian Association of Employers became a full member of the IOE in 2006, after the Republic of Serbia acquired the status of a sovereign state.

AICESIS organized two round tables

The impression is that online education in light of availability and quality, as well as social-economic implications in the application of digital technology, are both a step forward and a source of danger in the development of every society.

The package of measures of the National Bank of Serbia regarding bank fees was adopted

As a reminder, on May 30, Serbian Association of Employers addressed the National Bank of Serbia with a request to review the changes and additions to the general operating conditions of commercial banks, considering the suspicion of inconsistent application of the regulations, while in the reply, we received assurances from this institution that all efforts will be made to ensure that citizens and the economy have appropriate access to simpler and more favorable payment methods in order to increase business efficiency.

New proposals for the new composition of the Government of the Republic of Serbia

SAE is preparing a set of several important proposals that will present to the new Government of the Republic of Serbia solutions necessary for the stable operation of companies, their sustainable growth, strengthening competition, investments in human capital, as well as proposals for reducing regulatory costs for the economy in order to ensure the sustainability of economic activities and full employment in an uncertain environment.